Bottom of Funnel Content: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers

At the bottom of the content marketing funnel, things are getting serious.

You’re in the final stretch of the buyer’s journey and you’re ready to pop the question. But, before you can ride off into the sunset sales agreement in hand, you have one last grand gesture left. Your prospect is ready to settle down and commit to a product or service, your last job is to make sure they’re ready to choose you when they make their purchase decision.

The good news is, any leads remaining in the marketing funnel are invested. Thanks to some carefully curated top of funnel (ToFu) and mid-funnel (MoFu) content, your prospect is open to commitment. Your job is to communicate what sets you apart from your competitors and convey your product or service as the obvious choice. At this point, it’s time to lay it all out on the line with clear, concise, and to-the-point bottom of the funnel content.

What is bottom of the funnel content?
Bottom of the funnel content is straightforward. Your end of the road content should paint an honest picture of what you bring to the table and why you’re the clear front-runner in the market. At this point, your prospects are looking for something that sets you apart from the masses. BoFu content creation should revolve around identifying your unique value and outlining exactly what it’s like to be your customer.

What are the goals of bottom of the funnel content?
Bottom line, your BoFu marketing content is crafted to convert. Along with flaunting your unique value, BoFu content should stress immediacy. Convincing your prospect you’re the clear front runner is only half the battle, as you near the finish line, you need to convince your reader it’s time to pull the trigger.

What are some bottom of the funnel content examples?
When it comes to bottom of the funnel best practices, you want to craft content that answers your customer’s final questions. As prospects make their way down the funnel, they’re thinking through the logistics — what is like to be your customer, how much would it cost, and what would it take to implement your product or service? Your BoFu content should tie up any loose ends in one easy-to-read package. So what are some clear and consolidated bottom of the funnel content ideas? Let’s break it down.

Customer Reviews
When it comes to BoFu content, customer reviews are crucial. Reviews are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building customer trust. Hearing honest consumer commentary helps prospects put themselves in your existing customer’s shoes. It gives them a sneak peek into what being your customer will feel like and what your long term relationships will look like.

Customer reviews also play into the “influencer” buying behavior, if your product is well endorsed, you have a significant advantage. 93% of consumers report they look to customer reviews to guide their buying decisions, making your current customers one of your company’s most valuable marketers assets.

In order to capture rave reviews from your customers, it’s important to create incentives, ask open-ended questions, and meet them where they are. Make it easy on your existing customers by giving them a few different channels to leave feedback. You can reach out to them directly with questions over email, over the phone, or direct them to a 3rd party review site like G2 Crowd, Capterra, and Glassdoor. You can even go the extra mile by giving your customers a glowing review before asking for one in return.

Customer Testimonials
Testimonials allow you to take your reviews one step further with a visual representation of your customer experience. Customer testimonials give your prospects valuable information without drowning them in sales pitches. Including stand out quotes, photos, videos, and copy written through the eyes of your customer makes for a valuable trust-building BoFu content piece.

To nail a top testimonial, it’s important to ask a client after a recent win. A specific successful event will result in a fresh, genuine, and valuable testimonial. This shows prospects how your product or services shines in a real-world scenario. In addition, you can repurpose your customer testimonials into case studies and infographics directly addressing pain points of the market. Remember to make the process friction-free for your client, ask them which format works best for them — email, phone, or face to face — and meet them there.

Comparison Table
Comparison tables allow you to clearly outline what sets you apart from your competitors. By lining up your product or services next to your fellow adversaries, your reader can quickly size up the competition and pinpoint your unique value. Your table can highlight specific product features, capabilities, or benefits (such as a live support team) that is provided by your company and not your competitors.

Free Trials
By giving prospects a taste of your product or service with an expiring time window, free trials create urgency. Today, many shoppers prefer to test out tools first hand, rather than meet with a salesperson. A trial helps potential customers get familiar with your product or service and customer experience, all while creating immediacy.

Wrapping it all up
BoFu content is the sales pitch of content marketing. Your top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel content should always convey your unique value, but your BoFu content should stress urgency. At this point, your job is to convince potential customers that it’s time to lock down a solution and you’re the best choice on the market. Armed with engaging, motivating, and honest bottom of the funnel content, you’ll convert prospective customers and win them for the long haul (cue wedding bells).


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