What Millennials Want: How to Woo the Modern Workforce

Millennials are infamous. From avo-toast aficionados to safe-space seekers, millennials are no strangers to labels. What many non-millennials dangerously overlook is that this eco-conscious and app-savvy demographic is already the largest working age group in the workforce. For professional service firms who plan on staying in business after baby boomers retire, attracting and connecting with millennials is the key to success.

Working with millennials requires a new song and dance. The socially-minded demographic is different than any age group before them and they expect the companies they invest in to follow suit. Now more than ever, businesses need to master exactly how to woo, delight, and retain the millennial workforce.

Go mobile.
It might sound obvious, but millennials thrive on mobile apps. This tech-savvy demographic is more comfortable adopting (and building) tech than any other age group, and as a result, they’re looking for businesses that can keep up. For a professional services firm, mobile apps can give your clients access to your firm in the palm of their hand. Clients aren’t required to make the trip to your office or schedule time on your calendar, they can access your services any time, anywhere. This freedom to roam and work on their schedule is the customer experience millennials expect from a modern brand. Bottom line, if you’re not on the app train you’re behind the times.

Use the right channels.
To engage millennials, you need to speak their language. Millennials use their phones more than any other age group. 79% of millennials are on their phones at least 3 hours a day, and they aren’t racking up minutes. Millennials are texting connoisseurs. These T9-fluent individuals are not only accustomed to text-based conversations, they prefer it. Millennials want communication channels that are less crowded than email and accessible at their fingertips. Chat, in-app messaging, and text are the holy trinity of millennial communication. These text-friendly avenues provide a clear line of communication that replaces the noise of spam-filled inbox with real-time conversations. Providing customer support solely through email or phone is a sure-fire way to alienate millennials and send them running into the arms of a competitor, faster than a full-gluten bagel.

Ditch the paper.
Millennials want everything digital. Long gone are the days of paper records, printed receipts, and organized file cabinets. The smartphone-wielding population wants information that can be saved in the cloud and accessed anywhere in the world. Millennials want the freedom to store, share, and review documents anywhere they roam, all while saving the planet from frivolous paper use. To meet the social, environmental, and convenience expectations of the millennial, you need to lose the paper. Requiring any form of paperwork negatively carbon dates you.

Don’t leave them on read.
For millennials, top-notch customer experience goes a long way. Even if these brunch-loving passionate individuals prefer text-based communication, they don’t react kindly to barely-there customer service. Customer experience is a major decision point for millennials. As they interact with brands daily from ecommerce to transportation, to food and hospitality, millennials know exactly what great a customer experience looks like and what a bad one feels like. Ensure a friction-free experience for millennials with a website that’s intuitive to navigate, with support channels that are easy to find, and the right mobile tools.

With years of experience scouring the internet for research, answers, and the occasional first-date identity check, millennials are pretty self-sufficient. Before they turn to you with a question, they’re going to look for the answers online. Improve your CX even more with a millennial-friendly knowledge base filled with training videos, guides, and webinars.

Get social.
As consumers, millennials buy brands — not products. Take advantage of the social channels millennials are already using to share your brand story and build relationships. Millennials use social media to inspire, motivate, and interact with the community around them. To get through to the content-consuming demographic, flaunt your brand personality and contribute value to the community, no strings attached. Not sure where to start? Promote research, skill-building workshops, and webinars to engage your audience. What can set your firm apart from competitors is how your audience feels towards you. As a group that values transparency, millennials aren’t afraid to drop a brand over bad press, a poor experience, or conflicting values. By sharing your brand story, contributing value, and nurturing relationships on and offline, millennials are likely to stick around for the long haul.
Laying a strong foundation with millennials today will solidify relationships with the largest workforce for years to come. To build a grade A millennial customer experience, brands need to ensure they’re using the right tools and the smartest channels. By investing in mobile collaboration platforms with in-app messaging and invite-only access, firms can build the best environment to support, delight, and retain the ultimate tech-savvy demographic.

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