F*ck Food Waste

Imagine heading to the market and purchasing two grocery bags worth of goods. As you exit, toss your second bag into a passing dumpster. 



Ultimately Accurate?


40% of food purchased in the United States is wasted. On top of that 40%, plenty of produce and grocery items go bad before they even have the chance to go home with you. Prior to that a portion of produce isn’t sold to grocers because it just isn’t pretty enough. Food waste not only creates more rubbish on our planet, it wastes water, natural resources, and cold hard cash. Food waste is preventable. Here are five ways to save your wallet and help reduce food waste.

  1. Store it right, your dollar goes further when your foods last longer. For example, you should keep herbs like cut flowers, rest their stems in a glass of water. For a full index on how to properly store items take a look here.
  2. Buy fruits and vegetables that are easily frozen. This allows you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, then freeze them at their prime. Think bananas, berries, cauliflower, broccoli.
  3. Hit the store mindfully. Monday grocery shopping often feels like a required reality ritual after the weekend, but it’s not always necessary. Go home before a run to the market or mentally catalog what you already have. Think about when you’ll be home for a meal, when you have plans to eat out and if you have any upcoming trips.
  4. Don’t always trust the best by date. These dates are estimated, and often the cause of perfectly good food being tossed.
  5. Companies like Imperfect Produce bring ugly duckling fruits and veggies from local farms directly to your door. Enjoy quality local produce while reducing your carbon footprint.




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